The funniest thing

I’ve been commuting to London three days a week for the past few weeks. It’s awesome and exhausting. It’s nice to edit a mag again and to be part of a team, but I miss my Squidge something fierce. And the fact that “commuting” at home is walking upstairs with a cup of coffee.

So, every day at around 3:30pm, I give Husband a call to speak to him and Squidge and see how they are doing (she finishes nursery at 3pm). Some days she just won’t talk to me, others will get me a grunt, and then there are days like yesterday when she grabbed the phone from Husband and started yabbering away down the phone.

This is an excerpt from the end of the conversation.

“Mooom, are you on the train?”

“No, baby, I’m still in the office. I’m not getting on the train for two more hours.”

“You’re not on the train, then?”

“No, I’m working.”

“Are you having a wee at S’s house?”

(I must interject here by explaining that the first of these train journeys was a social one to S’s house and Squidge is determined to believe that the whole reason I went there was to have a wee. Yes, is very odd, I know)

“”No, honey, I’m at work.”


“You’re not on the train. You’re not coming home yet?”

“Um, no?”

“I’m done with you now.”

And she promptly handed the phone back to Husband and wandered off. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.


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  1. Rhian
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 21:15:18

    They do say crazy things…


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