Here comes Doctor Who

We didn’t have Doctor Who in South Africa. Well, not that I knew of, anyway, and I’m a sci-fi geek. So when I first discovered the Doctor way back in 2006 it was a huge treat. Huge.

I immediately got my hands on all the recent seasons – from Eccleston to Tennant – and started to catch up. Eccleston was fabulously grumpy and Tennat was just so yummy I immediately put him on my List. (Husband has a List too, is only fair. Although, the chances of David Tennant falling deeply in lust with a middle-aged mum who’s stomach has it’s own postcode are pretty slim. But a girl can dream).

My daughter, however, enjoyed it but only developed a huge passion for Doctor Who when Matt Smith came along. Personally I was pleased that he wasn’t hot, because fancying him would have felt a bit like I was a dirty old lady in an anorak. The age gap and all that.

Anyway, I digress. Since Matt Smith took on the role of The Doctor, Squidge has been utterly riveted. She loves it and she especially loves Amy. Apparently her and M, another little boy from nursery, play Doctor Who together. He’s the Doctor and she’s Amy, and together they squish Daleks. Isn’t that to die for?

This is the cutout!

Well, obviously her upcoming birthday party has to be a Doctor Who theme, doesn’t it? I have dutifully bought Doctor Who plates, cups, napkins and a tablecloth, Dalek face masks, and (wait for it) a lifesize cardboard cutout of Doctor Who and Amy. I am DYING to see her reaction. (please god don’t let her burst into tears of terror).

This morning it was all about the hunt for the final thing – the Doctor Who cake. Sadly, because the season has ended it looks like all the stores have stopped stocking it! Still, the lovely Tesco have put in an order for me because they say the cake is still on their system. Keep your fingers crossed that this results in the arrival of a Doctor Who cake on Tuesday. It would make the perfect final touch.

The best part of all this is that everything I’ve bought has come in under £50. Oh yes! Including 10 Doctor Who activity books that will replace the usual stocking filler. The only items I’m missing now are present fillers for Pass the Parcel and I’m not too worried about those.

All in all, with four RSVPS (will the other parents please HURRY UP), and the venue sorted, now all we need to do is wait for the big day. Eeek.

Big panic? Nobody else RSVPs and she has a teeny party. Or nobody shows up at all. PANIC.


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