The 31 days to building a better blog challenge (31DBBB), Day 1

I joined in a blogging challenge last night, one I hope I find the time to maintain. Am already behind by one task. Ha! The first task is to create an elevator pitch. A short, sharp and sassy description of my blog that defines what it’s all about.



Hmmmmm. Here it is…

Are you dreading the approach of the big 40? Yeah. Me too. Read on to uncover the daily ramblings of a nearly 40 South African mom as she attempts to get to know the UK natives, stop her face from falling off, and figure out the madness of being a working mum. I share my take on the latest news, my turbulent journey through motherhood, and my struggle to make the ends meet financially before it’s too late to have another child.

Basically just a mommy blog that has a Saffa penning the words as she eyeballs the British weather nervously and tries not to get too depressed when the sun disappears for six months.

P.S. That’s a really long title. Am now just calling it 31DBBB. If you’re interested. Which you may not be. But that’s ok too.


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