About Me

I am a journalist. Wait, wait, don’t leave. I’m also a mother. And a very bewildered one at that. I arrived on the damp shores of the UK five years ago, fell pregnant, and have spent most of the time since then lurching from one Big Moment to the next.

I’ve been desperate to start a successful blog for ages but seem to lack staying power. However, this one is it. I promise.

I spend most of my time lurking in my office (aka: corner of the bedroom) and trying to ignore the siren call of my bed. I also go for walks on the beach with my divine Squidge (daughter), poke my wibbly stomach in horror, wonder why my face appears to be sliding off as I approach 40, and secretly eat fudge.

This is my meandering madness on how I’m getting on with the Natives, whether or not I’ll ever have Baby Number Two, parenting issues that fascinate/annoy/amaze me, and my various attempts to get fit and lose weight. I’m also going to hopefully uncover the secret of other mummy bloggers – however do they find the time?

My daughter is nearly four and I adore her. My husband is younger than me which is good, I subscribe to the belief that you’re only as old as the man you feel. My head is always packed with ideas that I never have enough time to do. I love knitting and use it to de-stress so expect some of that to crop up. My name is Tamsin Oxford and I am a South African In England (Saffa! Yes, I spelt it wrong in my blog name, I know, I know).

Fancy having a word? Mail me on tamsin[@]tamsinoxford.co.uk.


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