Feeding The Geek

I may be a bewildered mother but I also happen to be a bewildered geek. I have been a gamer for over 30 years, and a PC gamer since the early 90s when I fell in love with the FPS. I’m not very good. I just love it to pieces. Recently, however, I bought an Xbox 360. It was a bittersweet moment. On one hand it was me betraying the PC, a gaming platform that has been sorely neglected of late, and on the other it was exciting because now I could just play the games on the platform for which they were originally intended. No more shoddy ports for me!

This section is dedicated to my adventures with technology. My love for them. My passion for their brilliance. And cool games I get to play. The first in the series is my learning how to use an Xbox 360 and I attempt to get my hands used to the controls. Controls that, I must add, are nowhere near as clever or intuitive as those on the PC (dig, dig).

And the game I’m using? Red Dead Redemption, a fantastic sandbox-style game that has me hooked.


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