Red Dead Day 2

Day 2

Number of walls run into: 6

Number of times controller thrown onto floor in temper tantrum: 1

Number of stupid deaths due to inability to move: 10

Number of stupid deaths that looked like I was just standing there but, actually, I was fiddling with the right d-pad and looking up at the sky: Most

Number of times my horse turned in a circle because I couldn’t control right d-pad: 14

Conclusion: I still have issues with the right d-pad but I actually started playing the game. My right hand appears to be learning the new skill although nowhere near as fast as I would like. I am annoyed that I am not Super Genius Gaming Geek already. Hate not being good at something immediately.

Fun Factor: 6/10

P.S. I am so busy working that I only get to play on the weekends at the moment, so my skills are only going to grow slowly. I can only hope I haven’t forgotten everything by the time I get back to the game.


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