Red Dead Day 3

Day 3

Number of walls run into: 2

Number of times controller thrown onto floor in temper tantrum: 0

Number of stupid deaths due to inability to move: 3

Number of stupid deaths that looked like I was just standing there but, actually, I was fiddling with the right d-pad and looking up at the sky: Every time I participate in a world event I end up getting so excited that my d-pad skills fail. I also realise that I did this with the mouse when I first started gaming. Clearly I’m a bit simple.

Number of times my horse turned in a circle because I couldn’t control right d-pad: 5

Conclusion: I can now kill things. I can participate in world events without dying all the time. And I picked flowers. I also figured out how to be a crack shot and that lassoing a horse is ace.

I also shot an innocent woman because I thought I had equipped my lasso. I hadn’t. It was my shotgun. I killed my horse by accident and now have an old nag. I rode into the wall, shot a lawman because I pulled the trigger instead of the d-pad, became Wanted and died – all in the space of 3 seconds.

Fun Factor: 7/10


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