Red Dead Day 4

Day 4

Today was all about wanting to kill my husband. Here’s why:

  1. He just picked up the Xbox controller and started gaming. He has no issues with the d-pad and seems to have been wired into the game.
  2. He understood what was going on immediately.
  3. He can read the instructions appearing in the top left of the screen while using Dead Eye, killing marauders, riding a horse, and drinking some beer at the same time. Hate is too weak a word for what I feel.
  4. He had to take the controller from me to complete the challenge where my character must control a wagon while shooting bandits that are throwing fire at me. I died 28 times and started swearing at the screen. He said it was best to take it from me because I was scaring the neighbours and our child (not really)
  5. He completed the challenge in one go
  6. He has played more than me because he’s not as busy. This is my Xbox and my game. Grrr.
  7. He is better than me at it.

The Plan:

I may hide the Xbox and practise in secret so I can beat him.


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