Red Dead Day 5

Day 5

Today was really special. I made a plan to meet up with my brother using co-operative play and the wonders of technology. He lives in South Africa and I live in the UK. Tonight was about us spending some much missed time together while killing bandits.

It was awesome! Not only does my brother (the same person who taught me PC gaming) have a knack for understanding the issues I’m having with the game, but he is brilliant at helping me get it right. With patient coaching, lots of shooting and lots of respawning, I was really getting into it after a while.

Then we went off and killed bandits. It was SO MUCH FUN. It was amazing. I am a total geek and still got a little misty-eyed about the fact that I could sit and talk to my brother for hours, like the old days, and all for free. It was with great reluctance that I downed tools at 11pm on a Sunday night. I had to get to bed because an early commute beckoned the next day.

Fun Factor: This game has me HOOKED 10/10 (although I do wish their side missions weren’t quite so fast, I am too slow to get them right and keep shooting the good guys).


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