The Happy Stalker

I hereby solemnly swear to say something nice to another random human every single week. Whether it’s commuting, travelling or ambling about my town. I do this because it makes other people smile and feel fantastic.

It could make somebody’s day so much better and I firmly believe that if you’ve spent ages making yourself look fabulous then you deserve recognition. 

I will not make up compliments to fulfil my daily quota so, if a crazy lady with big hair happens to leap on you and gush about your clothes/shoes/person, then she she’s either a crazy lady with big hair run!), or me telling the truth.

Disclaimer: Sometimes I may be too tired or grumpy and I will avoid human contact. You really don’t want compliments from someone who looks as if they’re about to bite you. Also, I am aiming for once a day but I know how busy life can get.


02 August (2010)

Location:  Southern Train to London Victoria

Time: 8am

This gorgeous, glamourous STUNNINGLY beautiful woman appeared on the train. Elegant, refined and looking pretty much like Michelle Forbes’ twin (pictured left). I had to know her secret. I said to her, “You look fantastic.” Her response?

Well this lady blew me away. While everybody else was shoving and hitting and elbowing to get off the train and be “first” in the queue at the gate, she calmly pulled out a notepad, wrote down the name of the website where she gets her skin products from, and handed the paper to me.

I am nearly X (edited. One never tells a lady’s age) and these products are amazing. Have a lovely day.”

And off she strolled. Damn, she was good.

I also finally complimented a man. This didn’t go so well. See the post about the nose-picker I just put up today…


28 July

Location: Victoria Line Northbound

Time: 8:30am

This morning I ambled onto the platform in a daze. A DAZE. I was tired and grumpy and feeling quite sorry for myself. I’d lost track of the #31DBBB challenge and felt a bit like starting my own blog had gone from being this fun thing with huge potential, to this stressful mayhem of figures, stats, and elevator pitches. To be honest I don’t think I have a unique USP yet and it upsets me that I can’t find a good one, and that everybody else is funnier. But I digress.

There, standing on the platform was this curvy black woman wearing the most spectacular figure hugging black and white dress. Curves ahoy! Now that’s called being a woman! No stick insect here. She looked amazing. And I told her so. She carried that dress like a goddess and, for one minute, I wanted to BE her.


27 July

Location: Green Park Tube Station, Jubilee Line North

Time: 9:30am

 Standing on the edge of the platform was a woman who, in my opinion, was naturally stunning.  Now, walking up to strange women and telling them that they are beautiful wasn’t quite something I had planned for in this adventure. It could really be taken the wrong way!

Next thing I could be slapped with a  restraining order. Snort.

Anyway, this lady looked quite down and that decided me! This time, though I had a bit of a strategy to avoid embarrassment. I waited until the train was due at any second, walked up to her and said, “I just thought you should know that you are actually quite beautiful.”

She blushed, she smiled and she said thank you! And I slipped away into the crowd and onto the train so she wouldn’t have to endure that social awkwardness of feeling like she had to make conversation. When the train pulled away she was smiling. YES! Mission accomplished.


19 July

Location: Victoria Street Station/ Coffee booth

Time: 8:30am

I was standing in the queue waiting for my huge, enormous emergency latte to be made when a woman behind me stepped forward to place her order.

“A latte, please,” she said. In the THE most amazing voice I’ve ever heard. It was quite high but really melodic. If she read me stories I could listen for hours. Really sweet and innocent sounding in the midst of bustling black suits and irritable commuters smashing into each other.

Of course, I immediately told her that she had the best voice ever. And she blushed! How lovely is that? She must have been about 33/34 and she blushed!

I left the booth, the serving dude, the pretty voice lady, and a businessman with wide grins and a conversation starting between them. What an awesome way to start the day.

P.S. I would like to add that I am not actually very nice. I am rather crabby and opinionated but this just happens to be a faintly nice slice of me.


08 July

Location: Jubilee Line

Time: 6pm

I was standing on the platform, staring down at the tube tracks when I noticed the feet of the woman to my right. She was in her early 50s I would guess and looked fantastic. Natural fantastic, none of that horrible fake surgery stuff here. But it was her feet that drew my attention. She had really well looked after feet.

I was jealous of her feet and I love a good pedicure so I had to say something. I told her she had amazing feet. She looked startled but pleased. I’d like to say she didn’t edge away slowly or choose a carriage as far away from mine as possible, but I can’t.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Person
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 20:59:55

    How to identify yourself as a ‘foreigner’ in one easy step – inflict compliments on unsuspecting member of the British population hahahaha!

    Don’t stop 🙂

    Your Person x


  2. Dee
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 18:49:46

    How fun! Isn’t it amazing how much better YOU feel after complimenting someone else though? Makes me wonder why there aren’t more compliments flying around out there. Should be… maybe that would be the whole ‘World Peace’ phase? Hehe..

    I love your title picture up there! Big sunhat, sun glasses and adorable grin. That’ll make anybody’s day better!

    Take care!!!


    • Tamsin
      Jul 25, 2010 @ 19:07:32

      It’s so true. I almost feel like a fake “nice” person because I get as much delight out of the experience as they do. Well, I hope they do. They could just feel stalked. Hahah!


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